Dr. Lisa Love


Spirituality, love, relationships, creating the ideal life, transforming humanity to become the Peaceful Self and doing my best to make sure the world is a better place are the main joys of my life. Because my training, experience, and education is so extensive and I come from an authentic place with my clients helping them to understand who they really are as the Peaceful Self, allowing them to make more rapid breakthroughs in their lives.

If you work with me I will hold you in a compassionate space encouraging you to be compassionate with yourself as well. At the same time I will help you to get to the roots of what you are struggling with. I want you to understand why you have adopted the behaviors you have, and then together help you get free from thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that are no longer serve you by replacing them with those that do using primarily the Peaceful Self Process.

feelinggoodsmallcoverMY BOOKS:

To date I have written five books and am working on a sixth.  

Beyond the Secret: Spiritual Power and the Law of AttractionMy best-seller with over 40,000 copies sold teaches people how to use the law of attraction to attract what is best for them both spiritually and materially.

Feeling Good and Living Great: How Handling Any Emotion Well Helps You Live a Better Life. The main reason we do not live the lives we want is because we don’t know how to manage difficult emotions in ourselves and others.  A practical guide, this book shows you how to stop sabotaging your happiness by failing to handle emotions well.

takebacklifesmallTake Back Your Life and Love Yourself.  Learn to have a truly happy life and satisfying relationships by loving yourself and teaching others to treat you well.  A book mainly for women.

Attracting Real Love.  You can’t attract love to you and have loving and lasting relationships if you don’t know what love really is.  Stop confusing love with addiction, lust, codependency and even abuse.  Learn what love is so you can finally attract it to you.

Meditation the Path to Peace.  A beginning guide to teach others how to get started in meditation practice and the main benefits meditation has in store for you.  

attractingrealoveMAJOR QUALIFICATIONS:

My insights are now shared in a variety of ways through my professional background as:

  • a psychologist;
  • love, relationship & law of attraction coach;
  • best-selling author of 6 books;
  • meditation teacher;
  • radio & media personality;
  • syndicated columnist;
  • founder of the Peaceful Self Programs,
  • former Match.com dating advisor,
  • former America Online teacher  

meditationebookMy extensive background and training includes:

  • 30 years of experience as a counselor and coach;
  • owner of nearly 6 psychology degrees;
  • decades of experience as an intuitive;
  • clients that are internationally based throughout the world.

I look forward to helping you.

Places I Have Been Featured:

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Want to reach me?  Call 805-233-4291 or Email me through the form below. 

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