In this post I share how I began to go into deeper levels of meditation practice.

Swept Away

In this post I share about going against my inner core and how I got back on track again.


In this post I share how I learned to heal a deep act of betrayal, and give suggestions for how you can heal in your life as wel.


This post reveals the inner forces at work that drew me to California and started me on a path towards even greater spiritual revelation.


This post reveals one of the more fearless acts of my life, and how being fearless in the right way, reveals how Spirit is right beside us.

Murky Waters

Here I share how exposure to various ways of seeing the world first impacted my spiritual path.

The Underworld

In this post I share my earliest experiences of trauma and how they started to shape my spiritual life.

The Journey Begins

This is a blog about waking up to who we really are as what I call the Peaceful Self. In this post, I share how my journey began.