This blog speaks about the awakening of what some people call the “serpant power” or the energy of kundalini within me.

The Past Revisited

This post shares the beginnings of a series of spontaneous events that began in 1989 starting with recalling some events from the distant past.

Strange Encounters

This post shares about my encounters with people who would begin to open me up to a realm of completely new and remarkable possibilities.


This post shares about an event that dramatically changed the course of my life and opened me up to deeper spiritual insights due to the crisis it entailed.

The Beloved

This post reveals the beginning stages of my opening up as I contact what I came to call My Beloved.

Branching Out

This post explains how I began to accelerate my understanding of various spiritual practices and traditions.


This post reveals my initial journey into spiritual psychology approaches to healing, especially Psychosynthesis.


In this post I share how I began to go into deeper levels of meditation practice.

Swept Away

In this post I share about going against my inner core and how I got back on track again.


In this post I share how I learned to heal a deep act of betrayal, and give suggestions for how you can heal in your life as wel.


This post reveals the inner forces at work that drew me to California and started me on a path towards even greater spiritual revelation.


This post reveals one of the more fearless acts of my life, and how being fearless in the right way, reveals how Spirit is right beside us.